We Take Online Classes

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Get started with your online classes. Our experts are committed to helping you through your course. All the Discussions Boards, Assignments, Quizzes and Exams and all the work related to the course will be tackled by our experts .You will need to send us the syllabus of the course after which our support staff will let you know the price of the course which you will need to pay half and the remainder halfway through the course. We split the payment of the course to enable students (clients) to have ample budget and time to see the progress of the course.

It is important our expert take you through the course from the start which will have easy time tracking your progress and the expert (tutor). On many occasions we also take your courses that are Mid-Way through since our prime target is to ensure that our students get good grades that they will be proud of and to avoid repeating a course, class or a unit. Students who have used Power Academix Solution for one of their online classes usually come back to us the next semester to help with another courses and refer their friends, families or colleagues.

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